Repaired some water damage and delivered donated bicycles – May 2016

Another great trip to the orphanage. We were busy all weekend. We put in some construction work to repair water damage in the kitchen, we picked up lots of food at the local supermarket and enjoyed watching the kids ride their 5 new bikes that were donated. It was a fun and productive visit and can’t wait to go again.


Trip on Valentine’s Day dropping off much needed towels. Feb 2016

Trips to Estado 29 are always used to not only supply the immediate needs of the kids, but also to determine future needs. During a recent trip we learned that these beautiful children did not have enough towels. A true miracle then happened.


After expressing the need to multiple organizations (including several Rotary Clubs and church groups) several people donated immediately. It was enough to bring this Rotarian to tears.

We arrived at the orphanage ready to give new towels to 50 children. As we got out of the car the children were immediately told to go to the dining hall for some special presents. The excitement on their faces told the whole story. At the dining hall they were told to get in line where the children were given new towels, even appropriate colors for the girls and boys. The smile on the faces of these children told the whole story. It never ceases to amaze how the things one takes for granted can be true miracles to others. Perhaps once again the greatest lesson was than in giving we received so much more. The continued love of these children.

Orphanage visit after El Nino 2016 hit the grounds! Jan 2016

orphanage visitDamage was done to the grounds.

Frank Lopez, Ray Rangwala, Alyssa York, and Jorge Vazquez traveled to Estado 29 for an orphanage visit on January 16-17, 2016. In reality we had heard about the damage from the recent rain storm. We had even seen pictures of the falling roof and of the pillars that had been placed strategically to support other places where the roof could fall. Imagining children sleeping with water dripping and cold nighttime temperatures. All of those imaginations turned out to be quite real.

 orphanage visitAs usual we had gone prepared to restock during our orphanage visit the kitchen and play with the kids.  But other needs were now obvious, space heaters for the cold nights, blankets, and of course money to patch the roof. Generous donations and fundraising efforts help in meeting those needs. Yet there was an amazing lesson to be learned. In the midst of water that had flooded parts of the orphanage, cold winter nights, and leaky roofs, the hugs and love of the children never changes. Despite everything they had been through, if possible, the hugs seemed even longer and more precious. It should have come as no surprise. It was their way of saying how much they wanted us there. Our response was to not let go, to hold them tighter.

Like every child in the world they deserve nothing less.

One can’t guarantee there will not be another “El Nino” storm. But we can do our best to make sure that when it happens again; these children will be safe, dry and warm.  

 orphanage visit

Please check out our website and see how you can help these beautiful children out.  The grounds always needs a little improvement and usually during winter months people donate blankets and space heaters.  Let us know what you can contribute. Thanks!