How We Help

With the help of a matching grant through Rotary International, Glendale Sunrise Rotary and the Rotary Club of Ensenada experienced a major breakthrough in providing the children with food. Since then we have donated shoes, new bunk beds and blankets. We have expanded  the orphanage and painted some interior areas.


Thanks to a new refrigerator, the children are able to have nourishing and healthy diets on a continual basis. The club has had the honor of helping two young girls get treatment in hospitals in the United Sates. One young girl, Lupita, was diagnosed with a heart murmur. Glendale Sunrise Rotary was able to connect the young girl with the organization “Healing the Children”. Within three weeks she was being treated at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.  Another, Brenda, was intentionally burned by her mother in a fit of rage. Once again GSR was able to step in and get the young girl treated at the Shriners Hospital in Los Angeles. Today Lupita and Brenda are healthy young adults.


Over the years GSR has worked closely with Dr. Carlos Saez, the primary benefactor of the orphanage, in supporting projects to build the infrastructure. As a result the children now sleep in spacious dorms with running hot/cold water and toilets. The club has seen the orphanage grow from barely having indoor plumbing to a facility where children can grow up in a safe healthy and comfortable environment.