About Us

Orphanages in Ensenada, Mexico.

The Glendale Sunrise Rotary Club of Glendale, CA, under the leadership of Frank Lopez, Ray Rangwala and Jorge Vazquez, has supported Estado 29 orphanage for more than 18 years. The project began through a family connection of Glendale Sunrise Rotarian Frank Lopez. Initially looking for an international project to support. Frank and others visited several orphanages. As soon as they visited Estado 29, the club knew it had found a very special place. Today we continue to support the orphanage but have found a few more orphanages in the area we help as well.

Over the years the project has seen miracles happen through the efforts of Rotarians both in the United States and Mexico. The
project itself has undergone changes since the first Rotarian visit, but one thing remains constant, “the love of the children.”
This year Glendale Sunrise Rotary members decided to expand the program by creating a foundation. This allows us to extend the
joys we have experienced through our work with the orphanage to YOU! This way you can help the children, enjoy the rewards and
now be able to claim your donations as a tax deduction.
Some have asked why we keep supporting this orphanage. Certainly there are many projects that Rotarians are involved with throughout our communities, our country and internationally. However the 18 year relationship at the orphanage has always been about the children. This orphanage is not funded by the government they need donations to be able to feed the children.
Through our visits the orphans have give the Rotarians much more than we give them. How do you put a price on hugs, giggles, smiles and gratitude?